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Making Thyme Kitchen | Our Service
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At Making Thyme Kitchen
everything we do is focused on preparing
the freshest, healthiest, and best tasting foods
for you to enjoy at home.


Our service is two-fold:

First, you can shop at our store in Alger Heights. Pickup one or a few entrées, a side or two, and something sweet for dessert;

Second, you can pre-order a package of entrées plus sides and sweets for delivery within 20 miles of our store.


For entrées orders, you choose items from the current month’s menu and the serving size that works best for you and your household.

We deliver on Wednesday’s. You choose the Wednesday for delivery and we will contact you to determine the best time. Or pickup your order at our store. Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.


Order as often as you like to meet your household needs, this is not a subscription service.


We deliver free of charge within a 5-mile radius of our store, and deliver further for a nominal fee.

Zone 1 – 0 to 5 miles – Free delivery
Zone 2 – 5 to 10 miles – $5 charge
Zone 3 – 10 to 15 miles – $8 charge
Zone 4 – 15 to 20 miles – $11 charge


All orders are pre-paid online or over the phone. If you are ordering with a gift certificate please call in your order. 616.406.8511



All of our products are available for individual purchase at our store in Alger Heights. We always have a selection of fresh and frozen ready-to-cook entrées, heat and eat foods, fresh sides and salads, and baked sweets


Every entrée is packaged in an easy to store freezer bag or foil cooking pan. Each entrée is labeled with clear cooking directions, an ingredient list, a cook or freeze by date, and special identifiers for gluten-free, vegetarian etc.


Our foil pans are aluminum, and you can defrost them in the microwave. (We didn’t believe this either until we tried it, and there were no sparks). There are three things to consider when microwaving aluminum pans: first, make sure that the microwave was manufactured after 1984; second, verify that the pans are 100% aluminum—ours are; and third, place the pan in the microwave without it touching the walls of the oven.


Cleanup is a snap with our packaging. Aluminum is one of the materials that is almost 100% recycled. So rinse and recycle both the package lids and the aluminum tins.