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About Our Food
At Making Thyme Kitchen we prepare the food
you would cook for yourself,
if you had all the thyme in the world.

Hormone and Chemical Free Meats from Sobie Meats.
SobieMeats (in Walker, Michigan) is our main source for locally raised, hormone and chemical free, turkey, beef and pork. Sobie is also supplying us with hormone and chemical free poultry. Together, we will continue to supply you with the freshest, high-quality selection of meats and poultry available.

Our Food
At Making Thyme Kitchen we look for entrees from a wide variety of ethnic origins, with a wide variety of flavors -- Creole Jambalaya, Lebanese Spinach Pie, Mexican Flank Steak with Salsa Verde, Asian Beef Satay, American Macaroni and Cheese -- to name a few. We pick ten entrees for each menu so that you have a wide variety to choose from every month.

The freshest and best quality ingredients go into our entrees. We make our sauces, marinades and stocks from scratch because often what we leave out is what matters most -- extra salt, hidden sugars, additives like msg, and hidden fats. We use whole fresh foods from local sources whenever possible: dried beans from Howard City, Kozee's Cream-Nut Peanut Butter, Sobie Meats in Walker, flour from Lowell and of course fresh Michigan produce in season. We work with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes and lowfat dairy.

Special Requests
Want vegetarian or need gluten free? We can accomodate special requests that are pre-ordered. An additional fee may apply. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

We work with local resources to find the freshest, high-quality ingredients available for our recipes. We look for hidden sugars, fats and salt, and often decide to make our ingredients from scratch. We start with whole foods whenever possible, and hand pick our produce.

Retail Shopping
All of our products are available for individual purchase at our stores.

Delivery and Pickup
Our menu changes monthly, with 10 entrees to choose from. For package orders, you choose eight items from the menu and the serving size that works best for your household. Package orders can be delivered or picked up at our store in Alger Heights.

A. 8 single serving items - $77
B. 8 two serving items - $143
C. 8 three serving items - $209
D. 8 four serving items - $275

You may choose a sampling of items or eight of the same, as long as you end up with a total of eight. One exception are items marked premium - you may only select one of each premium item per order. If you would like more than one of a premium item there will be an upcharge per serving.

Product Packaging
Every entree is packaged in an easy to store freezer bag or foil cooking pan. Each entree is labeled with clear cooking directions, an ingredient list, the date it was made, and special identifiers for gluten free, vegetarian etc.

Our foil pans are aluminum, and you can defrost them in the microwave. (We didn't believe this either, until we tried it, and there were no sparks). There are three things to consider when microwaving aluminum pans: first, make sure that the microwave was manufactured after 1984; second, verify that the pans are 100% aluminum - ours are; and third, place the pan in the microwave without it touching the walls of the oven.


1. Fill out this order form.

2. Use the "referred by" field and type "gift certificate".

3. Process the order thru until you arrive on the PayPal page. Quit the process at this point, and we will receive a copy of your order and confirm with an email.


1. Fill in the Customer Information.
You can use the "referred by" field to let us know what day you'd like to pickup. Orders will be ready on Wednesday's after 5pm.

2. Select the serving package (A,B,C,D) that you would like.

3. Choose eight entrees from the current menu, in any combination.

4. If you are selecting a salad or side, use the "referred by" field to tell us which ones you would like.

5. Select the delivery fee that applies.
Delivery is FREE within 5 miles of the store

6. If you are picking up use the "referred by field" to indicate, and check a date so we know which week you would like us to prepare your order.

7. Proceed to CHECKOUT. Select the NEXT button to
review your order.

8. Select PURCHASE.
All payments are
made through PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account. Under "CHOOSE THE WAY TO PAY" select the "PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD" link.

9. We receive a copy of your order. We will contact you a day or two before delivery to confirm your order and delivery time.

10. ENJOY!

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